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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pilot is it open to?
FlyFurther open to autonomous pilots. Typically this would be IPPI 4 (BHPA Pilot) rated pilots with some XC experience and probably 75 hours or more.

An autonomous pilot can:

  • - assess and understand the dangers of take-off and landing areas.
    - perform an unassisted forward launch in light conditions.
    - perform an unassisted reverse launch in strong winds.
    - take full responsibility for their pre-flight preparations.
    - take full responsibility for deciding whether or not conditions are suitable for them.
    - understand fully the rules of right-of-way for paragliders (air law!)
    - take full responsibility for all take-off, landing and in-flight decisions.

Although a few very experienced pilots are likely to be in attendance, for most pilots the FlyFurther will be for those that want to stretch their XC ambitions, whether that be from 15km to 40km, or 50km to 100km and more.  Pilots are encouraged to fly with their own wing and within their abilities.  That’s the way to have the most fun; Pilots will be participating to have fun and refine their XC skills in a supportive environment. 

How much flying experience do I need?
To participate in this event you certainly don’t need to be a “sky-god”.  However, you will need to have some previous XC experience.  You will of course be expected to be reasonably proficient at launching without assistance and be able to make sensible landing decisions.  If you are in any doubt or wish to discuss your suitability for this event, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizing team.

Can I participate if I’ve never really used my GPS before?
FlyFurther is the prefect training ground to really get to grips with your GPS unit and get the most out of it for XC flying.

What is an IPPI card?
The term IPPI stands for International Pilot Proficiency Information. It is issued by your National Association and reflects the standard you are trained to. For example, a UK pilot would contact the BHPA office who would issue a licence at IPPI 4, if you are Pilot rated, at a cost of £11. Do not confuse it with a Sporting Licence.

Will I score World Ranking Points (WPRS)?
No. The FlyFurther is not a competition

Will there be a busy & crowded start thermal?
No. We will set 4 different tasks each day, and they can all start at different times.

What wing can I fly?
You can fly any wing, from EN-A to EN-D. We do not encourage CCC wings, but we do not disallow them either. Just bring the wing you are most comfortable on. That way you will be more relaxed to focus on the learning instead.

What Briefings/debriefs and talks are there?
We will be giving in-depth briefs and debriefs for each task you participate in. Our aim is to brief in enough depth that no one takes off without having a complete understanding of the task they are about to fly, and once the day is finished, for them to understand how they could have done it better.

We will also give a range of talks in the evenings according to the mood of the day, all designed to improve your flying in Cross Country and/or Competitions skills.

How much is the entry fee?
The entry fee for competing pilots in 2018 is less than last year, 395 euro*This includes the entry, transport and retrieves, site fees, talks, briefings and de-briefs & a party/social evening. In addition there will be a souvenir FlyFurther T-shirt.  As a participating pilot you will automatically be entered into a free draw for some great prizes from our sponsors. For non-flying family and friends, there will be the opportunity to buy entrance tickets to meals and party’s etc.

Is accommodation included?
No. You must find your own accommodation. If you camp, everything is on your doorstep. But for those that prefer some comfort, there are numerous options to suit every taste in the region. We will offer transport daily from Tolmin center to HQ.




General Info


Registration opens 2 January 2019

Registration for the FlyFurther 2019 event begins on 2 January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Gemona, Italy. A beautiful location on the edge of the Julian Alps, but also giving access to the Pre-Alps and Dolomites.









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