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Gemona Venue


Gemona is located in the northern part of Italy, in the middle of Europe. It is a mountainous area encompassing the Julian Alps, Italian Pre-Alps and the Dolomites.

Gemona is a small town situated in the nothern part of Italy. It is in the flatlands, but nestled up against the mountains. Transport from Competition HQ to the main launch takes about 40 minutes via a tarmac road.

The launch is large and ideal for competition purposes. It provides perfect access to the flying arena and lends itself to tasks launching into plentiful thermals in the immediate area. The launch area itself is grass with launch slopes to the south.

The main Gemona Landing
The main landing is located just 500m from the town of Gemona. We may also use another landing to the west of Gemona. Both sites will have transport available to bring pilots back to our HQ.

More information about the venue can also be found on our Airtribune page <CLICK HERE>



General Info


Registration opens 2 January 2019

Registration for the FlyFurther 2019 event begins on 2 January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Gemona, Italy. A beautiful location on the edge of the Julian Alps, but also giving access to the Pre-Alps and Dolomites.









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