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The 2019 event is still under development. We plan to launch the event at the beggining of January, a few weeks delayed from our traditional date.

What we can tell you is we have decided to make some changes for 2019. We will move the venue this yeat to Gemona, in Italy. And we will move the event to August!

This will allow us to fly similar terrain, but allow those returning to experience something different. It will also put us into the very best time of year for this type of event, in this region. The very best flights are flown in AUgust, and you guys will get to enjoy this period with us!

We will also have some changes to the guides. We are in discussion with some top guides and will announce details in the coming weeks.


The "FlyFurther" is the perfect training camp for cross country pilots interested in improving their XC flying skills.  It’s a 6 day XC camp based in the Julian Alps.  Task-focused XC flying will be fully supported with in-depth task briefs and debriefs.  It also features plenty of extras, including talks on XC related subjects, parties and more.

Hosts will again include Nicole Fedele (World Champion & World Record holder), Brett Janaway (World record holder) and Stan Radzikowski. Other hosts are being organised as we speak.

All pilots will be given trackers for their safety and so we can give pilots a detailed review of their XC flight for the day.

As well as the personal coaching and feedback from these world-class guides, special evening talks held in our event marquee will feature guest appearances.

In order to ensure that all participants receive plenty of personal coaching we are limiting this event to just 50 pilots.

The Flyfurther event will be held in mid/late August 2019 and this year will be on the other end of the Julian Alps, in Gemona, Italy. See the Programme for precise timings.

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Registration opens 2 January 2019

Registration for the FlyFurther 2019 event begins on 2 January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Gemona, Italy. A beautiful location on the edge of the Julian Alps, but also giving access to the Pre-Alps and Dolomites.









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