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Triple SevenTripleSeven are principle sponsors of the FlyFurther event

Since they started paragliding the Valic brothers were always seeking for something new, something uncharted, that they have never done before. This is the great thing about paragliding. It gives you so many possibilities and opportunities for personal achievements. Be it your first soaring, hike and flying, low save back to cloud base, new XC route, personal best distance or winning a world cup competition; the list is just endless! We believe that every pilot should know and experience these feeling; to land land and be amazed by what you have seen or been through. This was always their inspiration and drive. This is what we wish for Triple Seven pilots.

Naviter Oudie3 Seeyou6Naviter, sponsors of the FlyFurther event, have shown their commitment to ensuring the best possible flying experience for us all includes a Seeyou license for every participant of the event. They will also be at the event to show us how to get the most from their software for planning our XCs or just analyzing our prior flights.

Naviter are the manufacturers of the excellent Oudie4 flight instrument, launched in 2015. The Naviter team, based in the heart of the Julian Alps, have been creating tools for pilots for 14 years and the Oudie was just the latest in a long list of products.

xTc ParaglidingxTc are professional paraglider guides for paragliding and hang-glider trips. They run courses predominantly in Slovenia, but are also experts in regions of the Spanish Pyrenees (Ager), northern Italy (Gemona, Meduno), regions of the Dolomites and the French Alps. Led by World Record holder Brett Janaway (also the Meet Director for the Naviter Open & Gin Wide Open) you can expect quality guiding and coaching, whatever your ambitions in the sport!

Pat Dower Paragliding

Pat Dower Paragliding work on the right thing at the right time will make all the difference to your flying. You may be preparing for major competitions, refining your XC skills, starting your journey as a cross country pilot or maybe working on the fundamentals of being a safe, skilled and happy pilot. Pat Dowers coaching and courses are purpose designed to help you bring the magic ingredients together.

BurnAir Paragliding

burnair is a company owned by Bernie Hertz, a long time Swiss pilot who has flown and competed across Europe and beyond. He organizes trips, adventures and classes specifically aimed at German & English speaking pilots.


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Registration opens 2 January 2019

Registration for the FlyFurther 2019 event begins on 2 January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Gemona, Italy. A beautiful location on the edge of the Julian Alps, but also giving access to the Pre-Alps and Dolomites.









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