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About the 777FlyFurther

The 777Flyfuther is for pilots who want to dramatically improve their XC flying skills.  Our highly experienced team of World Class guides will be flying with you to analyse your skills, coach and encourage you to “Fly further”

This is a small event with places limited to just 40 participants.  This is to ensure that you get plenty of personal attention from some of the best pilots in the sport.  This event is for you if you are serious about improving their XC skills, but also looking for a friendly and relaxed environment in which to fly.

777Flyfurther 2017 will be based at the beautiful Camp Gabrje in the heart of the mountains next to the winding river Soca.  Our HQ will be complete with a marquee for task debrief and evening activities.

The entry fee for pilots in 2017 is 420€ (or 350 GBP). This includes transport and retrieves, live tracking, site fees, talks, briefings and de-briefs, a last night party and a of course the Flyfurther T-shirt.

Non flying friends and family are very welcome to join us for meals and party’s etc.


General Info


Registration is open

Registration for the 777FlyFurther 2017 event has started.

The venue for 2017 is Tolmin, Slovenia, with HQ being at Camp Gabrje, a beautiful location in the heart of the mountains, next to the winding river Soca.



One lucky pilot will win a 777 glider of their choice!

Early in the event we will be holding a prize draw and one lucky pilot will win a 777 glider of their choosing from the 777 range of wings. We will deliver the wing to the pilot that evening, allowing them to fly it immediately. This will allow them to not only get their hands on the very latest technologies built into all the 777 gliders, but to get tips on flying the glider better straight from the 777 designers, Aljaz and Urban Valic.





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